Maximize Network Relationships

For pharmacies to succeed in the new Value Based environment, they must offer services that improve patient outcomes AND reduce the total cost of healthcare. The pharmacy services needed to truly impact patient lives, today exists beyond the standard dispensing of a medication and online adjudication of a prescription claim.  Community pharmacies can thrive in new Value Based systems, but to do so they must offer ENHANCED services, services beyond standard prescription dispensing that are specific to the individual patient needs, but also positively impact payer metrics and reduce costs.  Individual pharmacies typically do not impact enough patient lives to significantly improve a payer’s metrics and total healthcare spend.  However, networks of pharmacies that offer similar enhanced pharmacy services CAN positively impact patient lives AND payer metrics at the same time.  This opportunity has sparked the creation of ENHANCED service networks of pharmacies that offer patient and payer focused services, proven to move the needle. 

Do you have the need for an Enhanced Service Network of pharmacies? 

Does your pharmacy network need to better organize around a set of Enhanced Services that are attractive to payers?

MedHere Today has a team of experienced pharmacy quality consultants that can help.  Whether you represent a pharmacy, a GPO, a wholesaler, a PSAO, a health plan, a health system, or a PBM, our team can help your organization assess, educate, and create an outcomes focused pharmacy network that is attractive to patients, employers, providers, and payers.

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MedHere Today can help your organization create and facilitate value driving enhanced service networks of pharmacies to meet your needs.  Below are just a few of the ways we can help you: