About Us

At MedHere Today, we believe that pro-active pharmacy practice, in the form of pharmacist driven intervention, is the answer to improving patient outcomes, lowering overall health care costs, and improving pharmacy profitability. 


MedHere Today is a health care quality and performance consulting firm created to help health care stakeholders expand and grow their quality and value based initiatives.  MedHere Today uses a combination of education, reporting, and strategic patient targeting to assist our clients in achieving measurable population health improvements, as well as maximizing the clinical and financial benefits associated with those improvements.  The MedHere Today initiative was created and is currently led by community practice pharmacists, with a goal of improving patient outcomes and health care quality by leveraging community pharmacy's position in today's health care marketplace.


The MedHere Today Experience

MedHere Today brings to the marketplace experience in working with many sectors of the health care industry. Our experienced consulting team offers a variety of quality driving solutions to help our client partners improve "measurable" population health and patient outcomes.  MedHere Today projects have produced exciting results with individual pharmacies, pharmacy organizations, drug wholesalers, health systems, and health plans using our customized, patient centric, medication safety, medication adherence, and quality improvement programs.