Adherence Monitoring

Since our participation in the 2010 National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations Appointment Based Model Pilot Program,  MedHere Today Consulting has been working with pharmacies to implement, grow, and leverage adherence programs and other medication use initiatives.  Our methods have been proven to improve medication adherence, increase prescription volume, and increase generic utilization.

MedHere Today’s team has assisted hundreds of community pharmacies with the implementation of adherence monitoring programs.  Our focus always begins with education, moves to implementation, then workflow modifications to ensure program sustainability.   

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Independent analyses by Pfizer® on MedHere Today’s Adherence Monitoring Program showed an average increase in prescription volume of 29 additional prescriptions/enrolled patient/year and statistically significant increases in medication adherence across all therapeutic categories.  These reports also showed increases in average prescription margin and generic utilization for patients enrolled in MedHere Today’s Adherence Monitoring Program.