Consulting Services

MedHere Today has a central mission with each client we serve.  Regardless of the client or the project, MedHere Today is always working to increase community pharmacy’s measurable quality, and leveraging the true value provided by community pharmacies to their health care partners. 

MedHere Today consultants are experts in pharmacy education,  quality metrics, workflow efficiency, and network building. Through our work with health plans, drug wholesalers, pharmacy groups, government agencies, pharmacy associations, and most importantly individual pharmacies, MedHere Today can tie all of the pieces together to create the high performing, high value pharmacy network that health plans, employers, and providers are searching for.   

Our vision began many years ago with a simple mission statement, and the mission remains true today. 


“We believe that pro-active pharmacy practice, in the form of pharmacist driven intervention, is the answer to improving patient outcomes, lowering overall health care cost, and improving pharmacy profitability.” 


MedHere Today’s Consulting Firm has the expertise to identify pharmacies that bring value to patients, providers, and payers, as well as assist those that wish to foster that value in their pharmacy practice.  Through aggregation of existing high value pharmacies and the creation of new ones, MedHere Today can quickly bring together the kind of high performing pharmacy network needed to meet today’s health care industry’s needs.