Health Plans

MedHere Today believes that pharmacy’s true value can be accessed through the health care system.  This is certainly true when health plans and community pharmacies align around patient centric projects.  MedHere Today’s experience has shown that by working with a health plan to strengthen their relationship with their current pharmacy network, pharmacies can engage targeted health plan members to offer enhanced pharmacy services.

Many of these new, health plan driven, outcomes based programs were designed to incentivize qualified pharmacies to perform clinical interventions, and offer enhanced services which result in positive outcomes for the health plan’s members, improved quality ratings for the health plan, and also lowering the overall cost of care for these patients.  Many health plans are looking for pharmacy networks to improve patient outcomes using similar incentives and methods, yet these pharmacy networks do not exist in most markets today.  MedHere Today is working with the health plan to create these value based pharmacy networks, as well as the network pharmacies to ensure they are properly aligned with their partner health plan’s goals.  

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Value Driven Health Plan Pharmacy Network Building