Increase Profitability

Many community pharmacies are struggling with the current shift from a volume to a value based health care environment.  Community pharmacies are often caught in the middle of rising drug costs, network consolidation, and DIR fees.  In addition, outcomes based reimbursement models are not yet mainstream enough to offset the losses.  Even in this rapidly evolving pharmacy practice environment, there are ways for pharmacies to increase revenue and step outside of the prescription dispensing reimbursement model.

MedHere Today has a team of experienced pharmacy quality consultants that can help pharmacies increase profitability and efficiency without new investment. 

Our MedHere Today consultants start at the pharmacy counter with pharmacy staff. 

Does the pharmacy have an adherence monitoring program? 

Is the pharmacy efficiently providing Medication Therapy Management? 

With just a few questions, our consultants can assist pharmacies in maximizing in-pharmacy opportunities, focusing on outcomes based practice, and facilitate the participation in a network of like-minded community pharmacies.

To learn more about how MedHere Today can help increase your profitability, contact us today.


MedHere Today can help your pharmacies create and facilitate value driving enhanced services within current pharmacy workflow.  This all begins with staff education and the slow implementation of sustainable patient monitoring processes embedded in pharmacy workflow.