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The MedHere Today Consulting Staff


Richard Logan, Jr., PharmD - MedHere Today, President / Pharmacy Consultant

Dr. Richard Logan (Creighton University, PharmD) has been a practicing pharmacist for 40 years and a community pharmacy owner since 1976.  In addition, he has served as an advisor for national and regional drug wholesalers, multiple group purchasing organization (GPOs or buying groups) boards, and has most recently been speaking nationally on the subjects of medication adherence and transitions of care.  In his presentations, Richard draws from personal experiences in the three pharmacies he owns and manages in Southeast Missouri.  Over the past decade, Richard has overseen the transformation of two of the family pharmacies into clinically focused, quality based practice sites, and also the recent opening of the third pharmacy location. 


Tripp Logan, PharmD - MedHere Today, Vice President / Pharmacy Consultant

Dr. Tripp Logan (UMKC, PharmD) joined his father in community pharmacy practice in 2002.  Together they currently own and manage three pharmacies in Southeast Missouri.  Tripp is a practicing community pharmacist and a nationally recognized speaker and authority on community pharmacy performance on quality metrics, and their impact on Health Plans and the CMS Star Rating Program.  For the past several years, Tripp and his pharmacy team have implemented and tested pharmacy quality management strategies in community pharmacies and health plans, focusing on adherence, medication safety (HRM), appropriate medication use (B/P Statin use in Diabetes; Asthma), and MTM (CMR completion rate).  They have conducted quality measure research, most recently looking at the impact community pharmacists have on HRM change rates based on their recommendations to prescribing physicians.  He has developed modules for identifying patients who are at risk of low adherence, and a method of implementing and rewarding pharmacies who have CMR completion rates above national average.    

Dr. Logan has a long history of service in quality measure development leadership within the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA).  Currently at PQA, he is serving a 3 year appointment on the Quality Metrics Expert Panel (QMEP),  and is a member of the PQA Measure Advisement Group.  In 2015, Dr. Logan served as Co-Chairman of a PQA Measure Development Team, and in 2014 was Co-Chairman of Adherence Workgroup B, charged with the creation and oversight of the measure “Statin Use in Persons with Diabetes”.  

Dr. Logan is a registered pharmacist in the state of Missouri and currently practices at L & S Pharmacy and Medical Arts Pharmacy.   Tripp  is NCPA’s Board Liaison to the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, is a NCPA Innovation Center Board Member, a Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN-USA) National Luminary, the 2014 NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner of the Year Award recipient, and is Senior Quality Consultant and Partner at MedHere Today Consulting.. 


Steve Hatfield - MedHere Today, COO / Pharmacy Consultant

Steve Hatfield received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Arkansas. Steve is a member partner of MedHere Today, overseeing operations at their Nashville, TN headquarters. Steve has almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He started in pharmaceutical sales in 1986 as a Territory Accounts Manager for independent pharmacy. In 1998 Steve became the President/COO of the Tennessee Pharmacy Coalition (TPC). Steve was in charge of all purchasing contracts for 586 independent pharmacies in 22 states. Steve also started a PSAO and negotiated third party contracts for the independent pharmacies. It was during this time that Steve and Dr. Richard Logan began working closely together. In 2006, Steve moved into the role of President of the National Independent Pharmacy Coalition. Knowing the work the Logans were doing with community pharmacies, Steve brought his knowledge and experience to MedHere Today and became a partner in the organization in 2010. Given his extensive industry knowledge, Steve consults with MedHere Today client pharmacies on a number of pharmacy industry related items including medication adherence, medication therapy management, and pharmacy program compliance. Most recently, Steve has worked with health plan network pharmacies to benchmark and assist in outcomes based health plan program success. This work has included both onsite and offsite pharmacy assessment and assistance.      


David Smith, MBA - MedHere Today, Project Manager / Pharmacy Consultant

David received his MBA from the University of Florida in 1998. Prior to joining MedHere Today, he was the Regional Manager for Hertz Rent-a-Car in Central and Eastern Tennessee. During his time with Hertz David was involved in many process change management projects for the company. He received additional training in the principles of Six Sigma and TQM.

Since joining the MedHere Today team over three years ago, David has been a primary point of contact for our pharmacy clients. To date, David has assisted hundreds of pharmacies with the creation of customized pharmacy adherence monitoring programs, as well as other pharmacy quality driving initiatives. He works closely with pharmacy staff members to create a patient centered, efficient, clinically focused culture in their pharmacies. This methodology allows more time for patient interaction and allows the pharmacy to be far more clinical with their service. Recently, David has worked with many health plan network pharmacies including site visits, MTM setup, and enhanced pharmacy service assistance.


Jay Henderson - MedHere Today, Integration Director / Pharmacy Consultant

Jay received his Bachelor of Science from Tennessee Technological University 1997. Jay has a background in accounting and data management for three major corporations including Hospital Corporation of America. He became a member of the MedHere Today team in mid-2014. Jay is the point person for finances, as well as, data collection, aggregation, and dissemination to pharmacies. In addition to adherence and workflow consulting, Jay currently oversees MedHere Today’s MTM/CMR projects and assists pharmacies in their training and development of their MTM/CMR programs. Recently, Jay has worked with many health plan network pharmacies including site visits, MTM setup, and enhanced pharmacy service assistance.


Julie Walker - MedHere Today, Client Support / Pharmacy Consultant

Julie recently joined the MedHere Today team after a 36 year career with AmerisourceBergen Drug Wholesaler. During her tenure with AmerisourceBergen Julie managed the customer service department for the Paducah, KY Distribution facility and for the past 16 years has been working daily with Independent Community Pharmacist as Account Manager and Program Solutions Specialist. Julie is currently working in our Nashville office as admin assistant, client support specialist, and pharmacy consultant.


Alan Wilson - MedHere Today, Pharmacy Consultant

Alan Wilson brings a diverse and unique experience-based skill set and perspective to the MedHere Today team.  Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Alan spent 16 years in ever-increasing sales and operations leadership roles in manufacturing, managing global sales and manufacturing organizations in the industrial, medical and beverage industries.  One of Alan’s key accomplishments as a manufacturer was taking a traditionally industrial product and marketing it to the beverage industry… a product that today provides the carbonation for fountain sodas in stadiums, casinos, fast food restaurants and convenience stores worldwide.

Alan entered the healthcare market with Praxair in 2000, and as Regional Vice President was instrumental in growing their then-fledgling Home Medical & Respiratory business into the 4th largest HME company in the U.S.  While at Praxair, Alan was also principle in the development of a hospital-based transition of care program (Hospital-2-Home).  In 2006, Alan moved to Apria Healthcare, the largest Home Medical & Respiratory company in the U.S., as Regional Vice President of Sales, where he continued to develop a patient-centric, outcomes based approach with both health systems and payors.

In 2009, Alan joined AmerisourceBergen, initially in the Health Systems segment.  In 2010, he moved into the independent community pharmacy (retail) segment, as Vice President of Retail, South Region, and eventually as Vice President of Community & Specialty Pharmacies, Buying Groups.  Throughout his tenure with AmerisourceBergen, Alan utilized his varied background and expertise to bring a unique perspective to his customers, while developing an understanding of their and their patients’ challenges, looking for opportunities for profitable growth within an extremely challenging environment, which included working with the MedHere Today team to develop their pilot high-performing network of independent community pharmacies.  Alan then joined the MedHere Today team in mid-2016, adding his experience-based knowledge to an already-strong MedHere Today team.